A boy and a girl.




About Us:

Lets try not to make it seem like a merger document and keep it real. Maybe a bit of surreal added here and there. Come to think of it now; surreal everywhere! WE are people the both of us hoped for and could only wish for! I know, that probably made no sense. Try reading it again, please? Its got something in it it surely means something.

Now Im sure this is a section where wed both like to boast about ourselves and how awesome a couple we are and yada yada or maybe not. Im not too sure. Do they even make cheesy websites like these anymore? Damn overrated I presume but then, I needed one anyway. Ill limit it to two paragraphs so that everyone knows how lucky people end up being.

I used to blog. Used to being the phrase everyone must notice. I used to blog and Shruti was one of those few people who silently read my write ups. Im really not sure about her jobless state during those days but she managed to read through my cribby write ups. No comments whatsoever for the initial few months and I had no clue about her existence up until February last year. Thats when she left a comment and well, Im getting married to her this February!

Like I said, this is not going to be a long ramble. Its just a note about how Shruti and I met. It was through my blog and Id be ever thankful to it for having bought her to me. Im thankful to her and to the gods for having given her the will to comment and well, I did a good job catching up to her, getting her to fall in love with me and then finally agreeing to marry me. Common, you got to give me that?!

That is our story thus far and I hope to live a blissful life with the girl who smiles my fears away. Welcome to our life Praandi    


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